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is a premiere full service company, which offers its customers a wide range of professional services. We are able to assist you in numerous ways. Our services range from Sanitation and Public Health to Maintenance. We provide a healthy environment for you, your family and surroundings.
The following is a list of services we provide:
Moisture Control - Moisture and humidity are the root of many problems. It can lead to structural damage, insect related damage, fungus, mold and deterioration. Services include:
      • Vent Installation "Motorized or Humidity Activated".
      • Redirection of Water.
      • Structural Modification.
Odor Control and Elimination
Retail Product Sales - All pest Control Products, non-restricted use, which are resold and of the finest quality available.
Rodent Proofing - After conducting a thorough inspection, using proven exclusion techniques, rodents may be permanently locked out of a structure.
Sanitation Inspection and Consulting
Violation Removals
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Please call 1-888-6-AMBUSH, or contact us.

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